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Big milonga | Tangoball | concert with live music from the orchestra Hyperion Ensemble & singer Martín Troncozo


Del Plata Tangokultur opens its doors again in the Silbersaal of the Deutsches Theater to welcome this legendary orchestra, which will celebrate its 30 years of tango history with us.


Founded in 1992 and dedicated to tango since 1993, the orchestra has travelled the world's most important stages, from concerts to international festivals, always offering the best quality tango from its talented musicians and singers.
Come and dance and celebrate with us in one of the most beautiful and important halls in the city of Munich, the Silbersaal Deutsches Theater

Hyperion ensemble playing for the Munich tango weekend at Kunstlerhaus.

Dancers Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo.


Programme Sunday 18 February :


*18-19.10: Tango lessons. Salon Tango. Sequences for the dance floor. All levels. Flavia, guest teacher and team.
Registration for the course:

*19:00 . Admission
*19.15 - 23.15 .
Milonga with live music by "Hyperion Ensemble" DJ Olli Eyding

Tickets online 35 € / 45 € with lessons.  Link: 

Be ready to Dance with live music in one of the most beautiful ballrooms in the city of Munich with the best Tango Orchestras. 

Location Silbersaal Deutsches Theater München 

The Silbersaal is a real gem and the only surviving room of the theatre building from 1896. The rest of the theatre was almost completely destroyed in a bombing raid in 1943 and rebuilt in the mid-1950s. Miraculously, the Silbersaal, which is located directly next to the bombed theatre hall, was spared and is now the jewel of the theatre. While it could no longer be used before the renovation due to safety and fire protection regulations, it has since been equipped with the necessary modern standards. Nevertheless, the baroque style with the magnificent stucco of the hall has been completely preserved - including the impressive ceiling painting, which is bathed in a mysterious light by the shimmering chandelier.

De floreo

Del plata

Adress: Schwanthalerstraße 13, 80336 München.

Silbersaal. Deutsches Theater

Munich city centre.

Del plata Tangokultur is a project inspired by the Deutsches Theater in collaboration with Flavia Cristaldo for the promotion of Argentine Tango in all its artistic facets. 


This project will be realised in the Silbersaal Saal, one of the most beautiful and oldest cultural halls of the city of Munich. 


This project includes milongas with and without live music, concerts, tango classes and workshops, ghest artists, weekends, and many other novelties that will be added over time. 


The events will not be regular for the time being, but they will be continuous.

" We are waiting for you all to join us in this dream"


®️ Good vibes, Good Tango


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Tango Argentino in Munich

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