Del plata Tangokultur

Sunday 22nd January! grand opening. 

Tangoball with live music of the CUARTETO ROTTERDAM 

and Dj. Christoph Grohs in the Silbersaal of the Deutsches Theater. 

we will have a wonderful milonga in a magical place to dance.

Previously Tango lessons OPEN LEVEL with Flavia Cristaldo and international guest dancer Alexander Sossa. Don't miss it!

"The CUARTETO ROTTERDAM is rightly considered one of the best European tango ensembles", "Excellent interplay", "A star hour of tango", "The best and most interesting tango music I have heard in a long time", "This top-class European tango quartet inspires" - these are just some of the effusive press reactions of the past years. Their concert activities take them from Paris, Istanbul, Zurich and Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, where they perform their music in concert halls, at tango balls and international music and tango festivals. In 2011 they were awarded first prize at the International Accordion Competition Klingenthal (category VIII instrumental groups with bandoneón). 


The quartet was founded in 2004 during their joint studies in Rotterdam (Netherlands) at the "Rotterdam Academy for World Music" (field of study "Tango") and named after its "birthplace". Since 2007 they have been living in Germany.For them, tango is passion, virtuosity and power - and this in consideration of over 100 years of tango history. Conscious of tradition, they bring the initially more cheerful tangos of the "Guardia Vieja" to the stage with a lightness that makes everyone's legs itch. They present the golden age of tango of the "40s" in a compact quartet sound with the highlights of the great orchestras à la Di Sarli, Troilo, D'Arienzo, Pugliese or Salgán. They feel so close to Astor Piazzolla's demanding Tango Nuevo that the deeply felt melancholy and complexity of this music is always palpable. And they are also curious - about the new in tango - because in their search for the tango of the 21st century they present Argentinean and European tango compositions of the present in their concert & dance programme.


The classical formation of the quartet with bandoneón, violin, piano and double bass promises a sound experience that moves between tradition and modernity. With its creativity, imagination and experience, the small tango orchestra conjures up a tango world for every kind of emotion on stage.

ONLINE-TICKETS: Open level class and Tangoball 40€

Only Tangoball 35€

Link ticket online :

BOX OFFICE:  Open level class and Tangoball 50€

Only Tangoball 40€

Lessons for all levels 6 - 7.15pm 

Tango Ball with live music 7.30 - 11.30pm



Sub-Champion of Milonga

Sub-Champion of Vals

Sub-Champion of Milongueros del mundo

Metropolitano of Buenos Aires


6th place at the World Championships in Buenos Aires

3 times national champion in Colombia 


Teaching in:

China, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Austria, France, Norway, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru!


Adress: Schwanthalerstraße 13, 80336 München.

Silbersaal. Deutsches Theater

Munich city centre.

Del plata Tangokultur is a project inspired by the Deutsches Theater in collaboration with Flavia Cristaldo for the promotion of Argentine Tango in all its artistic facets. 


This project will be realised in the Silbersaal Saal, one of the most beautiful and oldest cultural halls of the city of Munich. 


This project includes milongas with and without live music, concerts, tango classes and workshops, ghest artists, weekends, and many other novelties that will be added over time. 


The events will not be regular for the time being, but they will be continuous.

" We are waiting for you all to join us in this dream"


®️ Good vibes, Good Tango