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Munich tango weekend 2024

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Munich Tango Weekend 14/15/16 July 2023
Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo

POEMA milonga and the Tanzschule am Stachus are pleased to present Michael Nadtochi and Elvira Lambo at the MUNICH TANGO WEEKEND
with 6 seminars, 2 milongas and 2 shows,

Guest DJs and the best vibes at one of the best places in the heart of Munich.

still places free!! 

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to learn and enjoy these amazing masters.

Registration Form:

Workshops and Milongas in POEMA milonga-Tanzschule am Stachus

Traditional Milonga in a magnificent, renovated and central location, right in the heart of Munich. Modern ventilation system and Large open windows, with magnificent views of the city. 180-Mt2. Large room with bar and high quality sound to enjoy the tango.

Address: Tanzschule am Stachus, 

4 OG. Sonnenstraße 7. 80331 Munich city centre.

very central. U/ S/ Trolley/ Bus station Karlsplatz Stachus. 

5 min. from central-station 

Friday 14th july private lessons. Sold out


Saturday 15th July workshops-milonga-show. Tanzshule am Stachus

WS 1-..3 ways to generate the WALK. Intention & proper response. Classical salida - a perfect mix of options. 1-2.30pm. Open level


WS 2-ENTRADAS vs SACADAS for leaders and follower. Controlling the speed of the movement. Reversible movement. 2.45-4.15pm. Int/Adv


WS 3-Compact colgadas for social dancing. 3 Basic principles and 2 types of colgadas. 4.30-6pm. Adv.

Milonga & show 9 pm - 1.30 am " NOCHE DE VINILOS " DJ GUSTAVO GERLACH from Buenos Aires. 

" Gustavo Gerlach is a graduate in Folklore and performer tango dancer graduated from the National University of Arts.

He has been playing music since 2014 with vinyl records.

He seeks to recreate a milonguero atmosphere with original vintage sound.

His career ranges from international to provincial festivals, and of course in the renowned milongas of the beloved Buenos Aires

Don't miss him, don't miss the Show bei Michael & Elvira , don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful weekend "



Sunday 16th July workshops-milonga-show. Tanzschule am Stachus.

WS 4. GIRO PLUS. 3 ways to direct the outcome of the giro. Positioning of the hips and the proper geometry of stepping. 

Giro with sacadas/paradas. 1-2.30pm. Int/adv


WS 5. Gancho and Enganche (wrap). Circular nature of the movement, using enganche in giros. 2.45-4.15pm. Adv.


WS 6. Combining circular and traveling patterns. Creating a diverse and dynamic dance. 4.30-6pm. Int/adv.


Milonga & show 8 - 11.30 pm " NOCHE DESPEDIDA " DJ HAUKE HAYERN from Munich.

" My passion lies in the traditional tango of the 30s and 40s that have still not reached the depth and complexity.
In DJaying the creation of an arc of suspense is very important to me. The music should inspire to dance.

Variety within the tandas, as well as between the tandas, is a very important point to me.
The feedback from the dancers is also very important, every night is different,
sometimes calm and melancholic,

sometimes energetic and 'tangy' "




1 WS 35--2 WS 65 -- 3 WS 90 -- 4 WS 115 -- 5 WS 135 -- 6 WS 150 €


A. 6 WS + 2 milongas 160€

B. 4 WS + 2 milongas 130€

C. 3 WS + 1 milonga 105€

16 € for each milonga

* To ensure the comfort of all, the number of participant is limited. Please Register on time. 
For milongas you don't need a partner but you need to register.


Registration here:

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Munich Tango SummerWeekend was an international project that takes place on 16/17 July 2022, a weekend of dance workshops, POEMA milonga TAS. And Gala milonga in the prestigious Künstlerhaus München with live show and music by the dancers and teachers Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo and the Hyperion Ensemble. This event has been a success with more than 200 people in two milongas.
In the year 2023 we will repeat this event, we are working for it. We are only waiting for the confirmation of the artists and of course, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU! 

Please feel free to watch the gallery, Videos are coming soon.

Hope to see you there ;-)


Thanks for submitting!


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Tango Argentino in Munich

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