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Munich Tango Summer Weekend- July 16th and 17th - with live music by HYPERION ENSEMBLE AND MICHAEL "el gato" NADTOCHI & ELVIRA LAMBO !

Saturday, 16th July:  GALA Milonga at the traditional spectacular venue "Künstlerhaus" at the center of Munich, live Orchester, show, and Dj. Daniel Kubas.      

Künstlerhaus *40 €. Box office.

Dear friends, tickets for the Gala milonga in Künstlerhaus on July 16th with live music and tango show will be sold at the entrance of the venue for 40 €, the place is big and there will be room for everybody ! 


POEMA milonga on Sunday 17 July with show by Michael Nadtochi and Elvira Lambo, Dj. Christoph Grohs,  we still have 30 free tickets, as the capacity of the place is reduced we will need your registration. Payment at the poema box office. 

Thank you very much

 POEMA milonga *16 €. Box office


Registrations here:



Hyperion has taken part, during its 29 years of activity in over 1000 shows, festivals and theatres all over Europe, offering a wide repertoire ranging from contemporary Tango to traditional Tango.




Michael Nadtochi has been a professional dancer for more than two decades. His vast dance experience consists of performing, competing, choreographing and educating dancers and professionals all over the world. Michael traveled the world and took part in major tango festivals where he taught and performed at some of the most spectacular venues. 

Currently Michael is the director of Argentine Tango Academy of New York & New Jersey and the founder of The Art Of Tango LLC. 


Michael Nadtochi: 

....I do realize that Argentine Tango is first and foremost a social dance that cultivates improvisation, communication, musicality & elegance. However being a performing artist I believe that by fusing it with a more flexible and modern approach one can break the limitation of the style and use the body as an instrument for the ultimate expression of emotion."

Program / timetable: workshops & milonga

(INT = Intermediate, ADV = Advanced)


Saturday, July 16 th: WORKSHOPS ARE SOLD OUT. Only free places for the milonga.


13:30 - 14:45, Workshop 1:

INT - ADV, Transitioning from close to open embrace. Styles of Tango versus possibilities. Managing one’s axis. 


15:00 - 16:15, Workshop 2:

INT - ADV, Turns (Giros) - 2 ways to approach. Experimenting with geometry and elastic of the embrace. 


16:30 - 17:45, Workshop 3:

ADV, Compact colgadas for social dancing. 3 Basic principles and 2 types of colgadas.


Location: Restaurant Juli, party room. Address: Schloßschmidstraße 5, 80639 München. Only three minutes to station: "S-Bahn Hirschgarten"

(only 6 minutes in train/S-Bahn from Laim or perhaps 7 min from central station). 


Gala-Milonga: Orchester Ensemble Hyperion and Show Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo. DJ. Daniel Kubas.

Tango fashion: Paso del fuego and Tango lace.  20:30 Uhr - 01:30 Uhr, 


Location: Künstlerhaus Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 München.

Grand magnificent historic ballroom, around 200 square meter excellent dancefloor. 

Sunday, July 17 th: WORKSHOPS ARE SOLD OUT. Only free places for the milongas.


13:30 - 14:45, Workshop 4:

ADV, GIRO PLUS: 3 ways to direct the outcome of the giro. Positioning of the hips and the proper geometry of stepping. Giro with sacadas/paradas. 


15:00 - 16:15, Workshop 5:

ADV, BOLEO with and without a pivot. The linear structure combined with a circular movement. Unexpected boleos.


16:30 - 17:45, Workshop 6:

INT - ADV, MILONGA Phrasing and layers of musicality. Organized improvisation.


Location: Restaurant Juli, party room. Address: Schloßschmidstraße 5, 80639 München.

(very nice light and high room, wooden floor, only three minutes to station: "S-Bahn Hirschgarten"

(only 6 minutes in train/S-Bahn from main station). 



POEMA milonga with Tangoshow by Michael Nadtochi & Elvira Lambo. Music by Dj. Christoph Grohs. 19:30 -24:00 Uhr.


Tanzschule am Stachus, Sonnenstraße 7, 80331 München. 

Excellent location, perfect dancefloor, right at "Karlsplatz/Stachus". 

Early Bird Offer - until June, 20 th, 2022:   SOLD OUT!!


Pass A - Full Premium - Gala Milonga Saturday, Milonga Poema Sunday plus 6 Workshops: 170 €. 


Pass B - Gala Milonga Saturday, Milonga Poema Sunday plus 4 Workshops: 140 €. 


Pass C - Gala Milonga Saturday plus 3 Workshops: 105 €


Worshops Prices


1 WS: 30 €, 

2 WS: 60 €, 

3 WS: 81 €, 

4 WS: 108 €, 

5 WS: 125 €, 

6 WS: 150 €. 


*Online registration and payment til 8th. of July 2022.



*Some important information for your registration:


- After July 8th we ask you to pay cash at the front desk at the Milonga or - in case participation is possible - before the Workshop.
  As attendance of workshops and Poema Milonga on Sunday is limited we recommand you to contact us via mail. 

- "First come, first served" will be applied for all participants who register. 

- Final confirmation after payment is bound to the person. In case of cancellation, there is no refund of the registration fee.