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  • One-to-one lessons for couples and singles

Followers and leaders

Learn with me PRIVAT LESSONS. Besides Tango profesional, I am a dance teacher graduated from the "National Dance School" of Buenos Aires.

For tango I not only combine the technical and cultural concepts of tango, I also incorporate the universal knowledge of movement required. 
In tango I offer you ( leaders and followers )


- Improve your walking ( caminata )
- Understand the points of contact with the other, how to enhance your energy in the embrace. 
- Practical sequences for the dance and understanding of elements (turns, sacadas, barridas etc.).
- Musical understanding of the dance ( Tango, Milonga, Vals ). 
- Technical support for every level, from beginner to advanced. 


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Special offer for Springtime-Summer


3 hours lessons 150€!! for single men/women. couples 200€


English, German, Spanish .

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